Thursday, March 25, 2010

mother-daughter haircuts

Have you seen the lastest issue of Good Housekeeping magazine? They did an article on mother-daughter haircuts, which I think is adorable. Maybe I'll take Sally with me on my next trip to the parlor. Sometimes I worry we're not as close as we should be. But then I remind myself--I'm her mother, not her friend!

Thanks to darling Heather for tearing out the photo.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

thrilled to have won the Shorty Bake-Off

At last there's an award for what I do all day. And thanks to your darling votes, I took home an award in the Shorty Bake-Off! Because of innovative recipes like Wiggle Vegetable Mold and Bourbon Bundt Cake. I couldn't have done it without friends like you and Francine. And Betty Crocker, of course.

I wasn't the only one of our crowd to be honored. Dapper, hard-working Frank Adman won the advertising category. I'm tickled for him. Though, truth be told, I can't imagine why a man would want something called a Shorty.