Saturday, February 21, 2009

time to think pink?

Drinks with the Darlings last night, who had a little party to welcome their visiting cousin, Lidian. We got to talking about kitchens and Lidian said she is doing over hers pink! She showed us a picture she is copying. Isn't it grand? Which makes me wonder if our powder blue and knotty pine are a little old hat. Perhaps pink and walnut might be more modern? Don likes things just the way they are. But who knows what changes the 1960s will bring?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

thoughts on economy

Thank heavens, I don't have to economize drastically like my mother did during the war. When I was a girl, you needed ration stamps to buy shoes and gas and even butter. (Remember the plastic bags of oleomargarine that came out then, bags with the color capsule embedded in it? It was my job to knead the bag to make the white oleo buttery yellow. I hated this chore which William never had to do.)

We're lucky to be living when men have well-paying jobs and young families can buy houses. But that doesn't mean I don't do my part to economize. A housewife may not earn money directly, but she can add to the family income by making things stretch. Like, adding Wheaties to ground meat which I did last night when I thought Don might be bringing a guest home unannounced for dinner. (False alarm.)

Here are a few other hints:

Care for black lace lingerie by washing it in a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia to one cup of coffee. (I learned this from Francine. Have no idea why it works, but it does!)

If soup is too salty, don't throw it away. A couple of pinches of brown sugar will get rid of salty taste but won't sweeten soup.

Large seashells make great candleholders. Sally and I search for pretty shells when we go visit Daddy at the Jersey shore. I put votive candles in them to light up the powder room for parties. Festive!

Freshen day-old rolls and biscuits by tying them up in a brown paper sack that you sprinkle with water and warm in the oven. The rolls will taste fresh as if they were just brought by the bread man!

Which reminds me...have to run take my (leftover from Sunday roast) beef Stroganoff out of the oven! Do you have other tips on economizing? Drop me a line.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

peggy olson's award!

Don and I had a lovely time at the Shorty Awards ceremony. Ad people certainly know how to throw a party. Live swing band. Fancy four course dinner. When Peggy went onstage to receive her award, she got a standing ovation. Don clapped so hard, I thought he'd pop his tux buttons. I was so happy for her! I know she deserves it. Yet a part of me can't help but wish someone gave out awards for being a housewife.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

amaze picky eaters with wiggling vegetables

Sure, Wonder Bread build strong bodies 12 ways, but kids also need strength only the Jolly Green Giant can give them. A mother's dilemma: how to get them to eat their vegetables? Bury veggies in jello! Behold the astonishment when you approach the table with a delectable platter of wiggling peas, corn and carrots! 

Similarly scrumptious recipes can be found in Knox On-Camera Recipes, a  new cookbook I received from my friend Linda Newman