Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've been thinking alot about marriage lately

While putting away Christmas decorations, I came across my hope chest which contained a little book my grandmother gave me. It was published ages ago, but the advice still seems fitting:
Don't spend the best years of your life in thinking about nothing but money-getting.
Don't come in at any odd time and expect to find your dinner done to a turn.
Don't leave to your wife everything in connection with the education and upbringing of the children.
I showed it to Don once, hoping he'd read it, but he just laughed and handed it back to me. Perhaps if he'd read it, things would be different.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

thoughts on being a lesbian

I went to Bryn Mawr (a girls' school) and just finished reading Mary McCarthy's The Group. So I'm familiar with what may seem shocking at first: girls liking girls, or at least pretending they do. I hear more young ladies are now tending "that way." But I think this can be chalked up to two reasons:

1. It's fashionable to seem bohemian these days even if you live on a tidy block in the suburbs.

2. Men can be hard to live with, so it's sometimes tempting to throw up your hands and swear off them for good. But where would be the challenge in that? I feel lucky Henry rode into my life just when I needed him, like the shining White Knight in that Ajax commercial.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a good breakfast

A good breakfast is the foundation for a happy day. And fixing a good breakfast is so easy these days. I usually set the table the night before, taking advantage of modern time-savers like ready-to-eat cereals and canned juices. On special days, I fix extra fun treats for Bobby and Sally. Like Cheerios over Pink Applesauce or Dollar Pancakes with bright jelly. Tomorrow, I have to leave very early to fly back to Reno. So I'll leave Fatso and Old Black Joe on the table to wish the children good morning. Won't Carla be amused?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Television Party at the Wallaces last tonight. (Which was, honestly, just an excuse for Chet to watch football. I told them Don was tied up at work, which unless things have changed, was probably true!) Leave it to Nancy to serve darling canapes and smart cocktails. Here's her recipe for baconettes which she served on toothpicks stood in an apple! Elegant!

Peanut Butter Baconettes
1. Spread slices of uncooked bacon with creamy peanut butter
2. Roll tight, fastening with toothpick.
3. Toast under broiler flame, until bacon is done.
4. Serve toothpicks by sticking them all around a large apple.
5. Prepare for compliments!